May the 4th [paper] be with you: Recapitulation of the discussions around the new ICSE 2017 submission policy

For a couple of weeks now, we can witness heated discussions around the new ICSE 2017 submission policy allowing each author a...

Sneak Peek: ZD.B Junior Research Groups

16th Feb

It is a true pleasure to announce that the Bavarian ministry of Education, Science, and the Arts has accepted our funding programme to...

Case Studies in Industry – Fundamentals and Lessons Learnt

23rd Dec

Last year, I gave a tutorial on fundamentals and lessons learnt in conducting case study research in industry. The tutorial...

What is wrong with empirical Software Engineering?

29th Oct

At this year’s meeting of the International Software Engineering Research Network in Beijing, we were running again lots of interesting workshops...

Non-functional Requirements in Model-driven Development

I’d like to give a small shout-out to an ongoing international collaboration with around 20 researchers from 8 countries, initiated and coordinated...

Grounded Theory: A small introduction

19th Jul

Most of the data we analyse in our research projects is of textual nature, ranging from interview transcripts and survey...

Scientific methods and their validity

11th Jul

Here are the slides of a talk I gave together with colleagues at our PhD seminar on philosophy of science.

In Quest for Requirements Engineering Oracles: Dependent variables and measurements for a (good) RE

11th Jul

For many years, researchers and practitioners have been proposing various methods and approaches to Requirements Engineering (RE). Those contributions remain,...

Manifesto for impact in applied science – the second side of the medal

24th Jul

For years, we are discussing the role of academia and industry regarding research and education and often, we are discussing...

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