We are continuously looking for students interested in conceptual and empirical topics in the area of development processes in general, and requirements engineering in particular. Apart from open topics for a thesis, you are welcome to propose a topic yourself. Also, I especially encourage students to work on long-term research projects, for example, as part of guided research projects and as part of industry collaborations.

Reading Group: Each student working on a thesis or guided research project is expected to join our reading group. The idea of the reading group is to create a forum where students and (we) advisors meet every second week to share and discuss current issues related to the student theses.

Thesis Template: For the elaboration of a thesis, there exist a plethora of (formal) requirements of which some consider the dissertation itself. Here is a template which conforms to the requirements established by TUM: download.

General Advises: A good collection of general good practices on how to organise and write a thesis can be found in the Thesis Guide by Elmar Jürgens. Please take the time going through the posts in there, it is worth it.

Open thesis topics: No open topics available at the moment.


Ongoing Student Projects (Selected)

  • Samiddha Mukherjee
    MSc Thesis: On Software Process Improvements of Industrial Software Development Processes with respect to Model-based Software Engineering (with Rohde & Schwarz)
  • Anton Luckhardt
    BSc Thesis: Human Errors in Requirements Engineering (in collaboration with Jeffrey Carver and Fabian Fagerholm)
  • Christoph Bayr
    BSc Thesis: A Methodology for Assessing Secure Software Development Projects in context of IEC 62443-4.1 (in collaboration with Siemens Corporate Technology)


 Peter Klein, BSc (2019)

 Felix Jedrzejewski, BSc (2019)

 Egor Durkov, BSc (2018)

 Ralph Reithmeier, MSc (2018)

 Daniel Gadner, MSc (2018)

 Corinna Coupette, BSc (2018)

 Pallabi Bhowmick, MSc (2018)

 Priscilla Mafra, MSc (2017)

 Michaela Tiessler, MSc (2017)

 Sanjiv Upadhyaya, MSc (2016)

 Philipp Mager, MSc (2016)

 Ahmet Tuzcu, MSc (2015)

 Rupert Duerre, MSc (2015)

 Yves Matkovic, BSc (2015)

 Gregory Zuravlev, BSc (2015)

 Claudia Konopka, MSc (2015)

 Haydar Sokul, Diploma (2015)

 Robert Bossek, MSc (2014)

 Michaela Tiessler, BSc (2014)

 Christoph Dietert, BSc (2014)

 Clara Lange, MSc (2014)

 Stefan Wiesi, MSc (2014)

 Jan Kucera, MSc (2014)

 Veronika Besner, BSc (2014)

 Vincenz Döelle, MSc (2014)

 Matthias Groeber, MSc (2014)

 Andreas Thalhammer, MSc (2013)

 Ahmet Tuzcu, BSc (2012)

 Christine Nöhmeier, BSc (2012)

 Jens Hanisch, MSc (2012)

 Roman Gubarev, MSc (2012)

 Markus Seebauer, Diploma (2011)

 Dominik Grusemann, MSc (2011)

 Christine Katz, MSc (2010)

 Oscar Knapp, Diploma (2009)

 Markus Luckey, MSc (2009)