Academic Year 2017

Summer Term

Winter Term

Student Projects

We are continuously looking for students interested in conceptual and empirical topics in the area of development processes in general, and requirements engineering in particular. Apart from open topics for a thesis, you are welcome to propose a topic yourself. Also, we especially encourage students for long-term research projects, for example, as part of guided research projects.

Reading Group: Each student working on a thesis or guided research project is expected to join our reading group. The idea of the reading group is to create a forum where students and (we) advisors meet every second week to share and discuss current issues related to the student theses.

Thesis Template: For the elaboration of a thesis, there exist a plethora of (formal) requirements of which some consider the dissertation itself. Marco Kuhrmann defined a template I recommend to use for a thesis. You can download the template here.

Open Topics

Currently, there are no open topics.

Ongoing Student Projects

  • Priscilla Mafra (co-supervision for the Fluminense Federal University Brazil)
    MSc. Thesis: Guidelines on Preventing Requirements Engineering Problems
  • Michaela Tiessler
    MSc. Thesis: Development of an Evidence-based Requirements Engineering Risk Assessment Approach