In principle, we opt for research projects with a particular focus on empirical Software/Requirements Engineering and addressing topics of high practical relevance. Our research is of problem-driven and interdisciplinary nature and relies on continuous experimentation, development, and evaluation. Academia-industry collaborations are thus of high priority.

Selected Research Projects

In the following, you find an overview of selected research projects and collaborations in above mentioned areas.

SERT – Software Engineering ReThought (BTH)

The goal of the project is to take on the next generation challenges facing companies developing software intensive systems and products. It is run in close collaboration with our industrial partners as we perform engineering research into topics critical for engineering and business success utilising  Value-based engineering, Data-driven evidence based engineering, and Human-based development as major catalysts.

Details can be taken from here!

ZNAFlow (fortiss)

The project ZNAFlow, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, focuses on the development and evaluation of methods and AI-enabled software tools for a semi-automated control, scheduling, and dispatching of emergency response personnel in hospitals. This project fosters an interdisciplinary collaboration between experts from software/requirements engineering and applied machine learning in a co-production environment with experts from the health sector. The overall goal is to test the use of AI-enabled assistance systems to optimise the process in emergency response in the hospital. 

Details can be taken from here!

RegComp (fortiss)

The project RegComp, a close collaboration with itestra GmbH, seeks the development and continuous evaluation of approaches for semi-automated requirement collection and conformance checks of requirements towards regulatory texts. We rely on natural language processing techniques to analyse and extract requirements from legal texts such as laws. Furthermore, we are developing a compliance check approach that support the verification of the conformance of requirements with regulatory texts. We aim to create a solution that can significantly reduce the time and effort required for compliance checks while ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the results.  

Coding Public Value (fortiss)

The project Coding Public Value (CPV), funded by BIDT, focuses on the development and evaluation of methods for responsible software engineering for the common good and corresponding institutional, political and organisational frameworks for public-service media platforms. The project combines Science & Technology Studies, Media and Communication Research, Legal Studies, and empirical Software Engineering in an interdisciplinary collaboration.

Details can be taken from here!

Knowledge4Retail (fortiss)

In the Knowledge4Retail project – K4R for short – partners from IT, retail and research have joined forces to revolutionize brick-and-mortar retail stores. Their common objective is to build an AI-based data platform that connects the digital world with stationary retail environments and makes use of digital solutions for individual customer service – all as open source.

Details can be taken from here!

Naming the Pain in Requirements Engineering (internal)

Naming the Pain in Requirements Engineering (NaPiRE) is a globally distributed, yearly replicated family of surveys on Requirements Engineering. This research collaboration is the first of its kind and aims at distilling the status quo in industrial practices and contemporary problems in RE to build a first holistic RE theory supporting a problem-driven research. NaPiRE has been founded by me and Stefan Wagner (University of Stuttgart) under the umbrella of the International Software Engineering Research Network (ISERN).

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